Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Using Sustainable Bags

I am so proud of myself! Today I used two out of three sustainable bags while grocery shopping! This is progress. Up until now I have been using only one which is pathetic, but for some reason I only had one rotating back into my car. But that is all about to change. I am going to go get all my sustainable bags into the front seat of my car so I am all ready to go for my next shopping trip.

There! Just did it. This new habit might be on its way to being formed. I see that others at the grocery store are catching on as well, walking in with their hip little sustainable bags. Beyond helping the environment, there can be extra benefits for toting sustainable bags. The store I went to today contributes a nickel for each saved bag towards the store charity of choice. Vivi and I choose the local food shelter and the indigent animal shelter.

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