Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why 'Born on Earth'?

Where are you from? A basic question that never requires much thought. Yet when you reflect on it, we are all from precisely the same place – this magnificent planet we call Earth.

This is our home! Our home is something we care about, keep clean, and cherish. Our larger home - the Earth is really no different. That is what Born on Earth Moms is all about....we believe that all moms have a vital role to play in nurturing our home, our Earth. Just as we create happy homes in our houses, we can extend our impact out to help sustain a happy planet.

We (Jode and Jules) are two sun-kissed moms living abundant lives with our families in the California bounty. We are both profoundly inspired by our boisterous children and the nature that surrounds us – green valleys, blue oceans, giant redwoods, pristine valley oaks, wetlands, farmlands, vineyards, deserts, beaches. We are writing this blog to share our journey – as we evolve our lifestyles to become fully eco. And while we are learning to become highly skilled eco-moms, we are also embarking on an exciting experiment – the two eco-moms are becoming mompreneurs…building a totally sustainable, eco-chic, kids clothing line called (guess...) "Born on Earth". So join us on our journey – of becoming eco-mommies and eco-mompreneurs. Welcome to Born on Earth!

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