Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eco-Husbands Are Hot

"Eco-Sneaks" from Simple

"Peace Tee" from Lost

A while back my husband picked up some sustainable bags for us. As he sauntered in and out of the house carrying these new harbingers of eco-ness in our home, I was surprised at how extra attractive he looked. I told him "why don't you walk around with those sustainable bags some more," and I said (in a shocked voice) "you know, you look hot with those bags!" So he took note of the positive appeal of going green, purchasing some super cute "eco-SNEAKS" from "Simple" made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled car tires, and a "Peace Tee", from "Lost" which is part of Lost's organic line. Yes, these are superficial changes, but they are part of a general trend. He is also starting to steal away my eco books off my bedside table. (Sneaky guy.) So if you wives need an incentive for your husbands, for them to become more green, tell them how attractive it is. You might be shocked at how quickly they are willing to make earth-friendly and sustainable changes to your lives.

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