Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go Green!

I know that green consciousness has entered the mainstream. How do I know this? A clerk at Target offered to sell me a sustainable bag, and Victoria Secret now has "go green" and peace symbols on their underwear (of course I bought some). It is life, post Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth." However, my "inconvenient truth" is, I've got some work to do to go green.

Look, my sustainable bags... just waiting to be used
Plastic nemesis
My recycle bin is always at overflow

So I thought I would begin this Eco-mama, going sustainable blog with a starter list of ten ways that I need to "go green" in my own life.
10 Ways I Need to Go Green:
1. Use
sustainable bags!
Reduce Plastic Waste
3. Replace Light bulbs with
energy efficient CFL's
4. Unplug electronics not in use (buy power strips)
5. Recycle & eliminate plastic toys (& don't buy anymore)
6. Find sustainable lunch packaging
7. Buy locally grown organic produce
8. Re-use more items like sandwich bags
9. Use non-toxic personal & household products
10. Reduce overall consumption & just be happy with what I have. :)

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