Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lululemon Athletica

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sustainable bag!

As a busy mom, I am always trying to figure out what to wear and how and when to work out. So I thought I would combine the two with a new "sporty-mom" look. A friend of mine who knows the ins on sporty fashion gave me a great tip on a fabulous new store, which sent me on over to lululemon athletica. Not only do they have fabulous yoga-inspired work out clothes but they are also focusing on becoming more sustainable; they are taking action to reduce their six largest waste streams: fabric, paper, packaging, garbage, product, and store construction. Fashion plus a little sustainability, anyone? What a surprise it was to discover the store in San Diego, as part of their grassroots actions, holds free yoga classes on Saturday with a continental breakfast following. Now I know what I'm doing every Saturday: yoga, breakfast, and shopping! Maybe it is becoming a more perfect world... It was hard to leave the store with just three items, but I was able to focus on creating one starter look. To top it all off I left the store carrying a bright red sustainable bag with new goods in tow. Utter bliss.

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