Monday, November 17, 2008

Graphic Designer by Trade, Mother at Heart

Lyndsay Johnson and her son

"Banners by Lyndsay," designer, Lyndsay Johnson, is a self-titled "graphic designer by trade, mother at heart." Isn't that endearing? Lyndsay, is also our marvelously talented graphic designer, who we feel quite fortunate to be working with. Lyndsay makes fantastic banners for the web, including ours, and also does a variety of graphic design work...she even has a blog , one adorable boy, another baby on the way, AND is making our logos for our clothing line. -Whew! We are so excited because these logos are truly a manifestation of what we have been dreaming of. You go, girl! It is really a joy to pair up and work with fellow WAHM's, work at home moms. We are all so phenomenal aren't we? Using our skills, we really can accomplish so much together, always knowing where our priorities lie...with our sweet little babes, of course!

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