Friday, November 21, 2008

Turning Garbage into Cash for Kids

Tessie's fabulous 3rd grade teacher is always finding new ways to enrich their classroom experience. A few weeks ago, she asked me to be in charge of their recycling for cash program, so that they can earn money to go to the Chabot Space Center in Oakland. I have never recycled for cash before, and am finding that it actually quickly adds up! It is a lovely way to be kind to the earth while making a few extra bucks. So far we've made over $140.00 in just 5 weeks - enough to significantly reduce the cost for each child for the field trip. Aluminum claims the highest price - at $1.20 per pound here in Windsor. It's super easy and fun - all you have to do is find a recycling center that pays you for bringing your bottles & cans....check out the Recycling Center website to find a location near you.

And, in other news....what the heck do these crazy hot sandals have to do with recycling?

In a great example of fashion dovetailing with environmental justice - I recently came across a novel idea - recycled aluminum shoes! check em out - from Georgina Goodman - I've never worn them or seen them in person - but they sure look hot in the photo, and what a great concept! (they are admittedly slightly out of my shoe budget, but hey a girl can dream)

Recycling...good for the planet, good for $$ and even good for fashion!

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