Thursday, November 6, 2008

Attoning for Eco-Sins


OK I need to make a confession....while i am passionate about living in harmony with nature and treading lightly on the earth, on a daily basis I commit a significant eco-sin that needs to evolve and change. Basically, I'm a fashion/brand/clothing addict. I LOVE clothes. I love stylish, fashionable, edgy clothes. This fact is profoundly inconsistent with my desire to be eco-friendly, and I've always felt that the two are incompatible. Almost like having a split the clothing? What's a girl to do?
So, I have a plan to change and attone...Jules and I are headed to LA for a few days for Born on Earth Kids, and during the trip I plan to scope out a few fabulous eco buys for myself. The eco-fashion world is really heating up - West Third in LA is supposed to have some hot eco-boutiques, including Vie, Romp & Evita Co-op. Check out this LA Times article about the boutiques!

It is so exciting to see that we no longer have to sacrifice style for eco-consciousness!

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