Sunday, January 18, 2009

The time is now for NAU

My husband has been in need of some new clothes for a while. While he's a fashionable guy, he's not a big shopper and often complains about the lack of sustainable options around the stores. Today, I remembered a brand I had heard of in the past - nau.

NAU creates sustainable, stylish, unique and functional clothing for men & women. Additionally, they donate 3% of every purchase to a philanthropy of your choice. They have scrumptious clothing for men - I especially love their 'bunny goat hoodie' and all of their coats. Also the clothing is designed to last which means I can buy a few signature items that will wear for years. And the women's clothing is super cute too. NAU shares our design philosophy for Born on Earth Kids - embrace sustainability without sacrificing style and functionality. You can check them out at Enjoy!

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