Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Electifying MINI!

sassy and electric - the new Mini E
Throughout my life, I have really cared less about cars. I never understood how some people can be so 'into' cars. However, ever since i got my first Mini, I have become a true Mini-lover. Each day when I see my tiny little Mini, it still makes me smile. Minis are fun, happy cars to drive and to look at. I have always loved Minis for both their efficiency/small size as well as their performance and style. Mini (BMW) has done a superb job of creating a more sustainable solution without sacrificing style or performance. However, even though the gas-fueled version is pretty fuel efficient (37MPG highway), it still utilizes fossil fuel and emits pollution. Happily, yesterday ushered in a new era of the electric Mini when BMW officially released their new Mini E - a zero emissions, 100% electric vehicle. I can't wait to get mine when they go mainstream...right now there are only about 500 of them, and they cost over $60k. Check it out at Mini USA.
sweet ride - the Mini E
The Mini E goes 150 miles on one charge, and is just as cute as it's gas-powered sister. Only challenge is that there are only 2 seats (in order to have room for the battery). I'm hoping they electrify the Mini Clubman and keep its 4 seats. It's exciting to see products like Mini delivering sustainable, high performance, stylish solutions with great creativity and innovation.


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