Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Recycling

Now that Christmas has come and gone, its time to dispose of your real tree in a positive way by recycling it properly. For those of us who have opted for a cut tree, it is really the right thing to do.
No need to toss that real tree into the trash and landfill; here they only take up space as they are unable to decompose properly. Real Christmas trees are being recycled and reused in great programs nationwide, for things as common as mulch, and as fantastic as wildlife habitat creation.

Earth 911 has made it easy; by entering your zip code on their website you can find local treecycling options in your area. My community in San Diego has both a curbside program and is hosting a treecycling event. One way I can be a slouch, they other, a go-getter. Either way, its nice to know I'm doing the right thing and ending the holiday season on one final eco-friendly note.

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