Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Desert Escape - Girls Weekend in Palm Springs

Poolside view from the new Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

Jodi and I and our best pal escaped to the desert last weekend, for a much needed girls weekend to Palm Springs! It was nice to get away from our busy day-to day lives and find time for inspiration, to relax by the pool - with nothing to do!, and share some laughs you can only have with your best girl pals.

We stayed at the brand new Ace Hotel, a hotel chain originating in Seattle, which is charmingly offbeat and hip, staffed by a most boisterous and happy crew. (Shout out to Rachel, Mo and Alex - you guys are the best!)

The Girls hanging by the pool, in distinct colors of black, red and white:


Mel - our dear friend and inspiration...three is a charm.
Some things of note:

The unique sun shades used by the ultra cool Ace Hotel

Organic red wine , brought by Jules, is rumored to have less of an 'impact,' yet remained only one out of many drink options! :)

The organic fare served by the Ace was a serious bonus, as well as their use of 'eco-friendly packaging.'

Cute feet are a must on vaca. This is Mel's - lookin' good!
Jules & Jode jaunt around town on cute cruisers courtesy of the fabulous Ace.

Jode & Jules capture a playful moment in a self-portrait. Girls weekend = fun and smiles.

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