Monday, March 9, 2009

Born on Earth Kids - our mompreneur journey part 2

Our new Hang-Tags

In addition to finalizing our brand, logo, hang-tags, etc., over the last few months it has also been really inspiring to finalize the actual products. There is quite a degree of complexity involved in creating a T-Shirt from have to create a design, make a pattern, make a sample, fit the sample, change the pattern, dye/wash the sample, approve the final sample, source the material, design and product hang-tags, and then you move into production (which involves many pieces too...dying, cutting, sewing, printing, embellishing, washing, etc.). We are learning so much, and have found apparel creation to be a wonderfully creative and expressive process. Here are a few things we've been working on recently:
Finalized Patterns and Completed Samples: Working with Kelly from KellyB couture, finalized our fits, patterns and samples. My daughter Tessie and Julie's son Jake were our adorable if slightly reluctant fit models.
our fit model Mr. Everest
Picked the Color Palette for our line: We are going with a beautiful palette of pink, lavender, light blue and slate grey for our Spring/Summer many beautiful colors to chose from...Finalized our Dye/Wash Technique: We looked at a bunch of different techniques to acheive a unique, vintage-esque style. Everything from tye-die (too 70s for us), to dip-dye, to mineral wash, to brush dye.
Evaluating different dye and wash techniques
Sourced our Organic Materials: We were able to source luxurious, super soft 100% organic cotton right in LA. All of our work will be 100% based in USA, and 100% organic. I love the feel of our cotton plant
Designed our Hang Tags: Hang-tags are an important part in expressing your brand in the apparel world. We love our new hang-tags (the top of this post). Hope you do too!


  1. I just found your blog on a link...
    LOVE your new designs and line..just thought I would write in the event you ever need a photographer,
    I especially like that you are eco minded, as I am trying to work with green companies.
    You can view my work at the links below...oh I also do styling!
    I also have a 2 year old girl, so I am sometimes willing to do trade or partial trade.
    Loving your color palettes too!!!
    Thanks so much!

    Monika Elena Photography
    Children/Family Photography
    California: San Francisco
    My Polaroid work at the link below

  2. thanks Monika, your work is beautiful! we will be needing a photographer in the next month or so and will definitely keep you in mind:-)


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