Monday, May 10, 2010

Panda Hero - the first iPhone/iPod game that plants real live trees

Hello! I wanted to introduce all you wonderful eco-mommies to a new concept in iPhone/iPod gaming for kids. I am involved in another eco-company called Barefoot Explorers, and we create 'Games for Good'...our mission is to create a movement to reforest the world through games! For each game we sell, we plant 3 live trees on Earth in honor of the player. We are inspired to excite kids about the impact they can have on the world, and to teach them about conservation and the environment through really fun games!Our first game launched a few weeks ago and has had tremendous press and customer reception. It is called Panda Hero - check it out at We have received great reviews and write-ups in Wired, Appcraver,, gamepro, theiphoneblog and more. Gamepro said Panda Hero is "extremely enjoyable."During the game, players roll, tilt and jump their way through the beautiful Chinese wilderness as they work to rescue endangered pandas. They tilt their way through bamboo forests, rushing rivers, ancient villages, snow fields, mountain cliffs, hanging bridges and more, all the while avoiding dangers like poisonous mushrooms, spiders, snakes, poachers, traps, broken bridges and more. And once they rescue the pandas, they get to relocate the pandas to a sanctuary where they take care of virtual 3d pandas.Please try us out and tell your friends about Panda Hero - you can help us create a movement to reforest the world through games! Get Panda Hero on the App Store today!Also, check out this inspiring video from our tree planting partners, Trees for the Future. We work with Trees for the Future for both Born on Earth kidswear (we plant 1 live tree per tee sold) as well as Barefoot Explorers. They are so amazing and we are proud to work with them.


  1. This is the kind of game that kids should play for it does not teach any violence but instead teaches them to love the environment and be a responsible citizen. I will recommend this to my friends and even me will buy one.

  2. Thank you!! I completely agree and wish more video game makers would strive to make positive games for kids!! Thanks for your support:)