Monday, November 16, 2009

Born on Earth launches on GreenEdgeKids

We are thrilled to be the latest designer eco brand to launch on GreenEdgeKids! Annie Kinkaid, GreenEdge's owner, is a passionate eco-mom committed to finding the most fashionable, eco-friendly designers for kids. GreenEdgeKids has the most adorable selection of kids eco-wear I have ever come accross, and Annie does an incredible job of finding unique high-end style for kids from age 2-14. We are excited to be in the GreenEdgeKids family!

We also spent last weekend with Annie and her husband Jim at the SF Greenfest where Born on Earth showcased our hip eco-tees for kids in GreenEdgeKids' booth. It was so much fun seeing parents and kids get excited about our sustainable tees, and really understand the importance of made in the USA, organic cotton, water-based inks and the fact that we plant a tree for each purchase.
Born on Earth tees paired with GreenEdge Denim in the GreenEdge Kids Booth at SF Greenfest

GreenEdge Kids SF Greenfest Booth
Julie, Annie and Jodi at SF GreenfestTa Da!

Annie and Jim have also just launched an incredible line of premium eco-denim for kids...think True Religion for kids but 100% sustainable! They are the first to do this and there jeans should hit stores in the next few months - check them out at GreenEdge Denim.