Wednesday, July 1, 2009

L.A. Baby - Where It Happens

L.A. is where the magic happens they say, (I think - or is that Hollywood?) and for our business, Born on Earth, this is the truth. Jodi and I made an important visit to Los Angeles last week to visit our manufacturing contractors, get a close up look behind the scenes while our organic tees are in production, and to take pics and video (more to come) of where 'the magic' happens. Jode with Danny, owner of the print and dye house

Zoila at work on our girls tees, at her sewing shop

Zoila, hand-crafting our tees

Jodi with Zoila at the sew exciting to see OUR shirts being sewn!

Jules with Danny - proudly holding up our finished product
While there is a glitzier side to the fashion industry, the behind-the-scenes, of where it gets made, stands in bare-boned, stark contrast. There is nothing glamin' up these manufacturing businesses, like the lovely specialty shops where the finished product gets sold...and its not needed either, its just people at work 'gettin it done.' There is a lot that goes into the making of a tee - many people hard at work before it gets to that specialty clerk, and many stops on their journey to completion. Sharing this journey seems important and of interest, because in a world of mass consumption, where cheap and disposable fashion is desired, it is often lost upon the consumer what all goes into the making of a single clothing item. And let me tell you people, there is a lot! We hope to share more of what goes into the making of our tees, their journey, and to share as well the people behind that journey, because what they do has a lot of value, and they are the ones hard at work making it happen.

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