Sunday, June 21, 2009

Photo Shoot and Other Updates

There has been so much going on with Born on Earth these last few weeks as we near our launch date...I wanted to share a little update:
beautiful Santa Barbara

Tomorrow the girls, Jacques (my hubby) and I are headed down to Santa Barbara - our photo shoot location. We are very excited to be working with Sara Fretwell Photography who is a total pro and a great artist. And the two locations in SB are just gorgeous. We hope to create a fun, untamed, spirited shoot with amazing kids, to embody the Born on Earth brand.

While Jules and I are there, we are also going to catch up with Kelly from Kelly B Couture (our amazing advisor who has helped us newbies along our journey), and go visit our manufacturing partners in LA. We are working hard to keep all parts of our manufacturing local - cutting, sewing, dying, washing, printing, applique-ing, tagging, etc. - and we are working with a number of great small shops and artisans. We will post some photos / videos on the blog after we meet with our LA team.

We are blessed to be surrounded by so many skilled artists, artisans and business people!

Born on Earth 2009 line officially launches on July 7th! We will be at It has been an incredible journey and I can't wait to see us actually online with amazing clothing to sell to other eco-moms! We are also going to be rolling out a really fun promotion on July 7th (that is also for a good cause!) - stay tuned for more info soon.

Finally, Jules and I are also SUPER excited about our 2010 line which is in progress right now. While we are in LA, we will also be working with our manufacturing partners for this line to get samples done by August. We have learned that the fashion business never sleeps - we are literally always in the midst of juggling three balls - future line design, manufacturing of next line, and marketing of current line.

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