Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Born on Earth: our new clothing line samples!

4 out of 5 of our design samples basking in the sunshine
Well everybody, we are almost there! Today feels like Christmas! After working for many months and finalizing countless details and decisions, we finally got our 'close-to-final' eco-clothing samples today for Born on Earth. We have one more design that we are waiting for and then we can move forward manufacturing our unique, fun and fresh, limited-edition totally eco kids line!

We are nearing the finish line to go to manufacturing (which by the way we will video for everyone to see).

The almost official unveiling...

Introducing 'The Bluebird T'

Introducing 'The Birdwatcher T'

Introducing 'The Everest T'

Introducing "The Breathe Free T"
Born on Earth Ts are designed to be unique, hip and artistic and to have a hand-made feel to them. We make them extra special with fun, fresh graphics, creative embellishments, appliques, embroidery and little rhinestones (for girls only of course!). They are made with 100% organic cotton that is buttery soft, and are cut, sewn, dyed, manufactured, embroidered, printed and finished all in the USA right in LA. They were designed by a couple of hot LA designers, and manufactured by people who share our passion for the environment.

Some of the fun details

The samples you see above are not final yet - they are missing some elements like rhinestones on The Birdwatcher T, and we will be tweaking some of the art pieces a bit, but they are close. We are on our way! They should be through production by early June and available mid-June. Please let us know what you think!

Jodi & Julie

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  1. Have been following your clothes...if you ever need a kids photographer, would lOVE to shoot your line!